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timoro sp
  • znają nas na wszystkich kontynentach
  • zrealizowaliśmy ponad 7800 zamówień
  • wykonaliśmy usługi na ponad 800 statkach
  • wykonaliśmy usługi dla ponad 125 kontrahentów
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About us

Timoro Co Ltd was established in 1991. Our main business activities are services in the range of building, maintenance and repairs of ships, rigs and floating constructions and general building services. Timoro has two departments: Domestic Services Department and Export Services Department. Workers of the first department work at Gdansk and Gdynia shipyards and other shipping establishments, at building companies and industrial establishments from the Tricity area. Workers of Export Services Department carry out services for foreign contractors, mainly for ship owners and shipyards. All workers have experience in working at shipyards in Poland and abroad. Most of them can communicate in English. We are ready to provide your company with qualified workers such as:

  • engine fitters / mechanics
  • certified welders
  • pipe fitters
  • plate fitters / outfitting specialists
  • electricians
  • cable trays fitters
  • joiners
  • painters
  • cleaners
  • blasters
  • carpenters